Video Marketing

Video Marketing is what makes us different from all of the other Tampa Video Production Companies.  You need people to actually see your video for it to have any effect, or you are wasting your money.  Our Video SEO experts apply their specialized skill to make sure when people are searching for your services, they find your video.  Your video appears in the search engines like Google, with a colorful thumbnail that stands out from the rest of the results and draws attention to your video.


Not only will people find your video, but your video is designed to convert viewers into customers.  People who are searching for your services have a need.  We pinpoint that need and your video addresses it right away so your viewers know they are in the right place.  We then use our storytelling experience to explain why your business is the solution they need.  Lastly, we offer them an incentive they can’t pass up, to convince them to entrust you to help them.

Video Production

We bring over 20 years of video production experience to your project and have worked in almost every type of video project including News, Sports, Commercials, Documentaries, Corporate Video, Legal Video, Multi-Camera, Event Videography, Medical Video, infomercials, Live television, Theatrical and more.

Legal Video

The legal field has special requirements when it comes to creating videos. We offer legal videographers who are certified by both the NCRA and the AGCV.  Having double certification ensures that your videos are produced in a sanctioned manner and will withstand legal challenges.  Your video and audio will be clear and useable.  Give us a call to find out how we can help you with your Video Deposition, IME, CME, Site Survey, Day in The Life Video, or settlement video.

Event Videography

Event videography requires special skills since there are no second takes. Your event is happening now and your videos have to be finished on time, and ready to play when you need them.  Whether it is pre-producing content to be played back during your sessions, or capturing the various activities of the event on video, our videographers are ready to handle the challenge.

Review Videos

Do you have some great reviews about your company? Are your customers saying great things about you? Put all those amazing comments together on an attractive background, set to music, and ranked on the first page of Google.  When people search for your company they will see the best comments that you have chosen. Click Here to Learn More.

Video Testimonials

Are you ready to take those reviews to the next level? Let your current customers sell your services directly to your new customers. There is no better way to convince someone to trust you then letting them see and hear from someone who has already had a great experience with your company.  Click Here to Learn More.

Video Bios

It’s time to upgrade your “About Us” page.  A static headshot picture and written biography is no longer enough.  You need to make a personal connection with people.  Your Video Bio allows you to talk directly to your website visitors, show them who you are and make a personal and emotional connection with them. Click Here to Learn More.

YouTube Channel Consulting

Video is the king of the internet, and YouTube is the King of video.  YouTube is also the 2nd largest search engine in the world.  Maximizing the power of your YouTube Channel will help attract people searching for your services and bring clients into your business. Click Here to Learn More.